Amazing Sounding New Ice Cream Sandwich Phone


Have you seen what is coming over the hill…the new…the latest…and possibly the best thing since…well …ever…an ICE CREAM SANDWICH PHONE. No…I had no clue what the heck that was either. So…like the genius ah am I went onto and had ma eyeballs rotating like big Jonesy’s nuts at Hooters last Friday. Ah mean what a gizmo that this is going to be…all singing all dancing and all mine. I was lookin for a new thingy ‘cause ma old one was accidentally left in a house…an ah was not going back in there to get it…she was mean man…really mean…so no way was ah lookin that creature in the eye again. Then ah saw this on the site man…it was on that and ah looked and was hooked baby. I just hope that it comes out soonest ‘cause ah needs a new moby ma man….an ah don’t want to spend my hard earned on anything else right now.

It has the lot…big screen…big color…huge sound…man it large all over…but ah hope it not got a large price tho’ cause ah might have to re-cover some of that cash ah been financing yo’r ass lately…know what ah means.

But man ah ain’t into all them numbers they quoting about the new kid all mega this and mega that…all I saw was a mechanism that will make even talking to you a pleasure.

So, it is all Sammy sung and Googley runnin’ it…and ah thinks that is great ‘cause ah am bored of that i phone crashing…ma apps not runnin’ and every-time ah need to call on it ah goes around and around the screen till ah am dizzy…

They be keeping the release date on the down low for now but I’m going to be waiting untill then anyways, I aint getting nothing else ’til that comes out.

So here is the deal you go to the site and take a lookey see fo’ yourself…ah also told a lump of ma friends last night and they all lookin’ to grab on to…even old granny May…she cannot hardly hold her piss but she want to hold one of these…

Ah am off now cause ah got to go see some of the fellas for a beer and a slice at Maxie’s…so see you around cuz…and don’t forget to look at the page…Bye.

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