Almost Got My Face Ripped Off By A BearTerrifying Bear

I am willing to gamble that not many of you experienced what I did on my recent honeymoon, not in a dirty sort of way though. We had decided that we would be at one with nature and have a hiking honeymoon, more romantic than you might imagine being out and about in the elements. The whole time we would stay in the roadside hotels and once hiking to a cabin in the woods we had booked well in advance. It’s this experience that I’m going to share with you now, a night alone with bears, in the woods.

We were sick to death of hotels, every room looked the same and they all seemed to really lack in atmosphere or life. We knew we had our cabin to look forward to. And we really could not wait. When we began packing I made sure to tell Laura to take plenty of outdoor clothing. I wanted to make sure that she would have the right hiking clothes when we finally got out to our cabin. We booked the cabin for two nights and a full day to ourselves in the middle of nowhere.

We had our first rush of joy when we pulled in to the camping ground parking lot we knew that we wouldn’t be able to see our cabin from the road, but we did not know it would be such dense woodland. It was a 3 mile walk to our cabin we needed to fill our packs and filler water bottles and head out to our room. The least luxurious concierge I’ve ever had, but I was loving it. We got out to our cabin in 2 1/4 hours. We were not in much of a rush and we strolled the whole way out. We passed a beautiful river that’s connected our cabin all the way down back to the parking lot area. The river meandered through 5 miles of marshy, grubby, swampland. We discovered our cabin and were directly struck with how magnificent it was and how great the fire pit was. I started a fire and got the cooking gear set up. I took out a couple of steaks and got them ready for the grill.

The dinner was amazing and smelled absolutely astounding, we sat out in the open eating it and wondered if life could get any better. It was just after this that we realised some very important and essential information that nobody told us, there were Bears in these woods.

When the bear made his emergence we should have thrown the remnants of our meal in his direction and promptly retreated, but we had just finished our steak and we thought he was interested in us, so we jumped into the river. We paddled harder than Yale at the New London Regatta, and drifted back to the car. We drove to a motel. Now that was a wonderful night’s sleep.

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