Al Gore Will Suck The Creativity Out Of Apple

The Mac Observer – Apple Appoints Al Gore To Board Of Directors
The Mac is doomed. Steve Jobs must be back in the hash again or he’s been spending entirely too much time contemplating his navel. Talk about a way to spoil a perfectly good war….

In a surprising, as well as fascinating move, Apple has named former vice president Al Gore to its Board of Directors. The press release for the company specifically cites the record economic expansion during Mr. Gore’s second term, his track record with supporting technology — specifically the Internet, and the fact that Mr. Gore uses a Mac and Final Cut Pro as reasons for the appointment.

Al Gore has often taken heat in the press, and from regular people alike, for having claimed to invent the Internet. In reality, of course, Mr. Gore never made such a claim, but had instead claimed to have been the Senator who helped get government funding for Internet-related technologies during the formative years. He also helped usher through Internet-related legislation in Congress while Vie President. The stigma of having made a claim he did not actually make has managed to stick, however.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs was known to be close to the Bill Clinton White House, with both President and former President Clinton having stayed at Steve Jobs’ home in Palo Alto. Mr. Jobs is known to have a fondness for the Democratic party, as well.

Aaron from Descent Into Madness has more. He’s bitterly disappointed.

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