Acid-man And Uppity Women

Be forewarned: this post is mostly inside-blogging and may not be of interest to general readers.

Venomous Kate is a relatively new blogger who has also been quite successful in a relatively short period of time. She’s a former attorney who sold her law practice, married a military man, had a kid and now spends her time with her child, blogging and with her husband. She has approached blogging with all of the energy one might expect from a successful former attorney, has pushed her blog in a big way and has had a great deal of success, all of it earned.

It also seems she has earned the hostility of a fellow blogger who doesn’t like that she passed him in the blogging ecosystem — it’s not like you make money from it — and he has launched a vile attack on Kate. She has responded quite nicely, so it’s not like she’s some defenseless chick that needs a man to stick up for her. I’m doing it because I want to. I won’t link the bastard — I’ve never liked his blog and have never linked it in the past — so you’ll have to go read Kate’s post to find it if you’re so inclined. Check his main page as she doesn’t link the offending entry.

First, regarding his blog: he’s a lightweight version of Cold Fury but without the character or class. Dare I even say elegance? Mike has been getting a little too laid back lately but even on a bad day he makes Acidman look like an incoherent slope-brow. Acidman also makes a big deal out of de-linking people. I’ve linked and de-linked at least 100 people since I started blogging without a word other than I was going to clean up the blogroll a bit. It’s just not that big of a deal. But to Acidman, oh, it’s hallowed. Ritualistic.

In a Sunday entry he accused Kate of single-handedly turning blogging into a dog-eat-dog, fuck-the-hindmost kind of competition. She is aggressive but I would expect nothing less from a successful professional who was seeking to direct her energy somewhere other than her kid. The kid would be spastic from all the worry and attention he’d get if she didn’t have blogging as a vent. She’s driven.

During the Iraqi war, which I believe is when she started blogging, there was a thing called “Boobage for the Boys” or something like that. It seemed like a fun idea to her so she beared her breasts — for a good cause, mind you — and she was, of course, not the only one. Hell, a group of women did something similar to raise plane fare last fall to send a blogger to Florida!! Well, Acidman accused her of doing that to draw traffic to her blog when it’s clear she did nothing of the sort. He also accused her of mailing that picture out and she did not. The only way I even found out about it was on her “About Me” page.

Some people, because she’s as venomous on her blog as her name suggests and because she’s so aggressive, accused her of being a man!!! In response to that she said “No, I’m not a man and I have proof!” and linked to the boob picture. Any doubts about her womanhood were immediately dispelled. She has since removed the link and accused ME of clicking on it hundreds of times!!

As an aside, I sent her an email suggesting that she had ruined the aesthetics of her breasts in that picture. She ruined the curves that give breasts their aesthetic beauty with some support deal and I suggested, in the most disinterested manner possible, that she cup them in her hands should she decide to take another picture like that and preserve the curves. This was strictly advice from a disinterested observer.

Well, the boob thing is kind of funny, but Acidman’s accusation that she offered blowjobs was not. Needless to say, the prick has no proof of this. It’s only visitors to a blog!!!!! We’re not getting paid for this shit!! What an asshat.

Finally, he mentions something about her using emails to drive traffic to her site. If that were a crime I would have spent most of last year in jail. I had a mailing list of about 30 bloggers that I would email four or five times a week last year to try to get links. Kind of odd because I rarely link anyone else because I pull all of my stories from a newsfeed and don’t get stories from other bloggers, at least usually. Bloggers are generous by nature because I would have three readers if drawing readers required me to link to others.

For the record, I’ve received one such email from Kate and, as far as I know, it’s the only time she has done it. She would probably be smart to start doing it. Out of a list of 50 or more people, a couple are bound to find a post interesting and link to it, plus it reminds people you are out there.

All of this adds up to one thing: Acidman is a small-minded, insecure man who feels threatened by ambitious women. A knuckle-dragging, stump-jumper who takes this stuff way too seriously. And he’s afraid to admit she has a nice rack and he’s jealous of her husband.

I’m finished now.

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