A Selection of Cruises To The Reef

One attraction that you can’t forget doing whilst you’re in Cairns is cruising to the Outer Great Barrier Reef. Well, There are hundreds of incredibly colored fish and corals that your brain will spin and your hands will get sore from taking so many snaps.

There are five different varieties of reef cruises that you could do, and it all depends on your needs as to which sort is going to go well with you. As I have done almost all the reef day cruises from Cairns , I have chosen the reef cruises that I thought were among the best and then placed them in to 2 alternative sections.

These cruises are excellent value for money and are basically for the youthful. However, if you are young in perspective, you will positively like these cruises.

If you’re looking for a trip that’s lots of fun, in addition to great snorkelling and scubs diving, then look no further!

Noah’s Ark was one of the very first ‘budget’ reef cruise businesses to run cruises out to the Great Barrier Reef from Cairns. Look here, You won’t find any less expensive than ‘Noah’s’ and it’s particularly good value for money.
Noah’s Ark visits Upolo Cay, as well as Hastings Reef, and you can look forward to having about five hours snorkelling time in total. The staff are very couteous, and will help you out once it comes time to do some boom netting (for those unfamiliar with the term ‘boom netting’, this consists of a huge net getting towed behind a slow moving boat, and you hopping in and holding on to it, as well as holding on to your bikini top!).
It’s definitely not the best boat in the world, on the other hand half the fun is the journey and you will take pleasure in Noahs Ark if what you want is a pleasant ‘cruisy’ day.

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