A Oz Experience journey in Australia

I got on the Oz experience coach to Cairns on a rainy grey morning in Sydney.

I dont know how many times we stopped, but at every stop it was the same “So here we have a McDonalds Cafe, theres a Hungry Jacks or a KFC.” We were SICK to death of junk food. Everyone understands, Its probably worth mentioning at this point a funny thing about names in Australia. “Hungry Jacks” is Burger King- god knows why they changed the name for Australian people, but obviously they would be much more hungry at Hungry Jacks than they would be for “Burger King”. They have some strange names for fast food places, such as “Red Rooster” and “Chicken Treat”. Apparently Australia is one of the most obese countries in the world, and although I didn’t see too many fatties, I can now imagine why that is.

I was also surprised that their main supermarket is Woolworths, because in England Woolworths went under in the GFC.

The Oz experience bus I caught definately stood out with its bright red colour and was also pretty comfy with plush seats and air conditioning. You know, They kind of encourage you to get to know each other on the bus, and you have to play a kind of musical chairs, where when you hear a certain song come on you have to walk around the bus untill it stops, then sit in the first seat available and introduce yourself to the person next to you.

Our next stop was a Surf Camp. Look here, It is mysteriously situated at Spot X so I cant tell you where it is, but the surf school is included in the Oz Experience trip. You have to pay a local payment of around for your food and camping but at least the lesson is included. So, We were allocated tents, which all looked very similar, and guys kept “accidentally” walking in on us getting changed. We all know, We were herded like cattle to get our food like in a prison and then we all gathered round a camp fire with our drinksn for a bit of a sing along.

One of the surfers of course was an aspiring musician and continued to sing badly on his guitar and promote his CD. We all know, Its amazing how, even if they are completely unnattractive, instructors in any thing transform into sex gods. Girls were sitting on the floor right in the instructors face like true groupies.

Stay tuned for part two of my road trip to Cairns.

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