A Night at Flames of the Forest near Port Douglas.

The travel team vacated the workplace last Friday for a night of fine dining at Flames of the Forest Port Douglas

We were kept guessing as to the whereabouts of our dining location as we took a dirt track off the main road to a unique clearing in the rainforest lit up by way of candles and tiki flares. A huge candleabra and lit up trees added to the mystical environment.

We enjoyed a welcome glass of champagne plus definitely tasty oysters before being suprisingly greeted by a local Indigenous fella who chatted to us incredibly lively in his local language just before showing us to our beautiful dining location.

Set beside a flowing creek the place was magic. Candles were lit up along the stream and it was stunning to have this as our backdrop to such a great dinner. The dishes served were out of this world! Pumpkin & wattleseed bush damper, crocodile & mango on coral lettuce, rocket & toasted macadamia nut salad, locally caught king prawns with jackfruit remoulade, it was weird but wondeful at the exact same time!

During dinner 2 local Aboriginal brothers Bilgamu and Gurrbu a.k.a Gary and Robert introduced us to some Aboriginal tradition with a Dreamtime tale about the duck, water rat and platypus. I do not want to give the story away so you will have to stop by Flames of the Forest if you want to hear how the platypus was created.

It was a true cultural ride and even moreso to be listening to the story in such untouched and significant surroundings. The environment was just beautiful as the lights and power turned off for a few moments so we could delight in the sounds of the rainforest at night and the peacful running of the stream nearby…

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