A Message to a Very Dear Buddy

How goes it. I was fantasizing on the train , when I glanced over and saw a wee guy using an awesome looking new games console. It looked the biz so I sort of shifted more than to have a gander at what he was up to. It was very similar to portable Playstation’s that I have seen in the past, but it was different in a totally awesome way.

Significant red neck…he turned and saw me peering more than his shoulder but he was fairly cool about it. He stated that it was the new Vita and gave me look at what it could do. Awesome!!!
I mean the picture good quality was spot on and as clear as day. The sound within the headphones was awesome too. It was like digital and all that but you might listen to it from the game pad itself…but I believe that the headies could be better.

Anyways…he says that he can use it to like get in touch with other people on exactly the same game and play off against them like you can using the other people systems…brilliant. You and me could play and I would in no way must appear at your ugly mug…just kiddin bro.

So anyway I get a different go on it and he asks me if I’ve a favourite game on my playstation…I says aye aye skipper and told him that played Fifa Football with you nearly everyday. He clicks about a bit and bingo up it comes and mate…I mean mate…it looks far better on that screen than it does on my old program at residence.

He lets me bang the ball about a bit and says that he plays this game a whole lot too he wants to join in with us and play in like a wee league sort of factor…he appears to be a great bloke so why not eh…could possibly make factors tougher if I dont get to win all of the time.

But heres the weird bit…he’s Dutch…he’s only more than here for his hols and is off household subsequent week. But this Vita will let us go at it regardless. So then he says that he utilizes a great Dutch game website about playstation vita so I will take a appear at it later…may possibly be worth a go if it is usually seen in English.

Anyhow…his name is Anders by the by…I asked him where to go to acquire certainly one of these new PS Vitas…and he says just go to the playstation net web page and grab a handful of heaven.

So he gets off the bus and I got his email and that so I get residence and set about raiding the piggy and I find that I am a shekels brief…any chance of a hand out mate…I’d do it for you. But I’m gonna git me certainly one of them there suckers…too American…anyway thats the strategy. Perhaps I can talk the ones that feed me into receiving me one for Chrissy…you could have a go at yours.

Right mateyboy Im off once again…see you Monday…laters mate…Ronny.

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