A Journey Back Through Console Game History

As a youngster I’d spend hours and hours playing computer games. It got to the point where members of my family got so worried that, they started whispering behind my back words like addict and intervention. To be very fair to them, at points I did play rather a lot of games. I’m talking nearly 18 hours per day if there was an excellent new release.

I was never ever worried about the quantity of time that I spent playing games. After all I had it totally under manage and could stop at any time or so I thought. Back inside the glory days of computer system games I played every little thing I could get my hands on. All genres of games ended up loved nearly equally apart from real time technique games, which did and still do have a special location in my heart.

The game adjusting game for me was Dune two. Oh my god what a game! It blew my thoughts they way Starcraft 2 Protoss Build Order ought to blow teenagers minds now. I was given the game and initially was not pleased mainly because in the time I was additional into very first individual shooter games like Doom and Duke Nukem. When I grudgingly gave Dune 2 a go, I didn’t back.

I couldn’t get adequate. I had to keep constructing larger and much better based with significantly more turrets. My favourite was to map out the angle of attack from the computer system and develop two rows of turrets and rocket turrets on, which blew the hell out of almost everything that the enemy could throw at me. The AI of games like Starcraft 2 now prevent this from happening, making games improved overall, but I do miss the satisfaction of creating impassable turret walls and watching each and every enemy tank getting blown to pieces, even though I banked a lot more and additional spice.

I do miss the good old days of becoming have the ability to hole up in a space and play a excellent game back to back, till it has been completed in just about every achievable way. As soon as I finished Dune 2 i went back to the commence and completed it with the red family members and also the green family members. I just had my hands on their particular and exclusive weapons.
Going back to the addiction problem. As I mentioned I was sure that I didn’t have an issue and that I was just a social gamer. This small bit of self illusion was shattered when my parents angrily, barged in to my space one Sunday night. It turns out I hadn’t reported for my weekend end job. I honestly thought it was still Friday night. Needless to say a period of mobile computing device game cold turkey followed.

Soon when writing this original post, out of curiosity, I picked up a second hand copy of Startcraft two. I used the famous Protoss Build Order and kicked some serious ass. Major mistake, I literally lost a whole week of my life. I popped it into the laptop on a rainy Thursday night and boom the subsequent thing I bear in mind is waking up on Wednesday in smelly clothes and getting loads of angry messages on my blackberry wanting to know why I hadn’t submitted my travel article.

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