A Good Description Of San Francisco

The reed-thin anorexic over at Primal Purge has the following to say about San Francisco:

San Francisco, for those who haven’t been, is as beautiful and dirty and gorgeous and disgusting as it is normal and bizarre. And liberal. Oh God is it ever liberal. All one has to do is come off the bridge and see the thousands of pipe-smoking, paint-huffing, deranged, pants-crapping, gorked out, scary people getting tucked into the sidewalk for the night with hundred dollar bills stitched into lovely hemp quilts by members of the council. Ever had a person like this drop trou and dribble crack poo down on the sidewalk in front of you? Let me tell you, it’s even more disturbing when a homeless person does it. Someone really ought to do something about those city council members.

SF is not full of gorgeous, thin, open-minded people as assface, nutjob, painful rectal wart, Chron cancer, Rob Morse would have you believe. There’s doughy junk food eaters tilting the earth’s axis just the same as the rest of the nation. The only difference is that they loathe straight, white people. It doesn’t matter if they themselves are straight, white people because you’re not a true San Franciscan unless your snout’s stuck up the ass of like-minded individuals and you turn your back on your own race, religion, political belief and sexual preference. It’s like one big spastic Elephant Walk in there. This is a city that a lot of Californians would like to see hit by tsunami, break off in one big chunk and float to, oh, I don’t know, France.

You don’t read Primal Purge? You’ve been missing out. One tip, though: if the cat picture below offends you, stay away from Anna’s site.

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