A dissapointing Day at the Great Barrier Reef

We did the Great Barrier Reef outer reef tour in Cairns. The 1st stop was the Fitzroy Island where by you had about 2 hrs to explore. Not sufficient time honestly mainly because there were plenty of people about. Don’t forget to carry insect repellant given that there are lots of mosquitos about. Snorkelling from the shore was okay, although we’ve viewed better.

After that it is off to the outer reef (Norman Reef) and their pontoon. As other individuals have noted, it is really quite small for the multitude of passengers on the boat. The so called underwater viewing area was a disappointment – I have seen better in the aquariums in Melbourne or Brisbane . They have not got around to cleansing the windows so it wasn’t easy to view anything at all through it. My daughter said the very same factor about their semi-submarine tour which I didn’t go on due to the fact I was snorkelling.

If there’s anything that you must do, it’s the Scuba-doo, specifically if you are not the best swimmer. It’s the best way to experience the reef. We even noticed a turtle and one of the guides showed us a sea cucumber which my son really loved. It’s a little pricy but I think it’s worth it.

By the time the dive was finished, I had just around ample time to eat and change (if my spouse had not set aside lunch for me, there was none left) – therefore, I missed the semi-sub ride. If it wasn’t for the scuba-doo, this would have been a very forgettable Cairns Tour .

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