A Couple Queensland Scuba Diving Getaways

The Great Barrier Reef is considered to the ultimate in scuba diving adventures in the world which deliver same pleasure to experts as well as beginners. You have to understand, So what is so unique about the Great Barrier Reef ? First of all, the dimension. Its simple huge stretching over 1400 miles along Australias East Coast. Oh, It is not only the largest reef system in the world, even so numerous imagine it as one of the most beautiful too. If this has been your dream to explore this natural wonder, here are some recommendations for the 1st-time traveler :

The calm and lucid waters around the reef make it the ideal location for scuba diving in the world. Water could possibly run deep at certain areas, in spite of this is mostly moderate for amateurs to dive in. Everyone knows, For beginners, diving should really be in shallow waters roughly 60 feet in depth. However for professionals, there are reefs around the Coral Sea in which the depth is around 300 feet.

There are daily flights to Australia from the West Coast in the United States. We both know, When you reach Australia, you may very well have to get a modest connecting flight to land near 1 of the gateways to the reef. So, Generally folks decide upon Cairns and Townsville, two tropical towns located near the northern side of the reed. The other gateway is at Gladstone and Bundaberg, positioned near the southern side of the reef.

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Situated near Queensland in Australia, the Great Barrier Reef is about 185 miles away from the mainland on the southern side. It is about 12 miles away from the shore on the northern side. It is approximately 50 miles broad at the northern side the widest stretch. You should know, What could you anticipate to see at the Great Barrier Reef. You should know, The extraordinary variety of plant and animal life which have made its home here is mind-boggling. You may, literally see roughly 4000 species of mollusks, more than 1000 species of fish, roughly 380 species of coral, 500 species of seaweed, six varieties of sea turtles.

Resorts located in small islands around the reef are capable of organizing scuba diving trips for the guests. Everyone knows, They supply convenient access to the reef and are fantastic for visitors searching for a scuba diving adventure. Generally these resorts are situated in Lizard, Green, Lady Elliot, and Heron islands. Everyone understands, Cod Hole” a well known diving site is located off Lizard Island.

Best Time to Visit the Reef

Anytime of the year is considered to be safe and suitable to go to the reef for scuba diving. We both know, This is simply because of the nature of the water which is usually calm and steady. The Australian summer is considered to be popular which is between December and March. Because of the tropical weather, the temperature normally hovers about 70 to mid-80s.This tends to make a visit to the Great Barrier Reef and its surrounding towns pleasant at anytime of the year.

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