A couple of My Tips on Buying Headphones

There are numerous types of headphones to buy, start deciding on a type of headphone that would fit your personal use. In this article we will go over the different type of headphones there are to choose. More and more types and sizes of headphones are popping up all the time. It’s best to find your perfect fit, if you want to get a quality headphone.

Time to obtain a new set of headphones, but exactly what are outstanding headphones to help you? Decide what you will be using them for is a great first step to think about.

So start to think about will you use these new headphones at home, work, walking or on airplanes or buses.

Reading below you will find the most common types of headphones that are available for purchase.

Earbuds are a common set they give out when you get a new mp3 player or audio device. Quality ear bud headphones can have sonic reproduction rivalling the chunkiest of headphones.

Earbuds can come as clips though most come with different sizes that fit in your ear.
PROS – Super compact and ultra light, the most portable of any design, can provide moderate to superb isolation from external noise.

Downside – Sound quality in particular bass response is usually not to the standard of larger headsets, possible discomfort after extended use, putting something in the ear canal is usually uncomfortable for some people; two cables increase the possibility of wire tangling.

Sports Headphones can moon light under many names, some include; Fashion; vertical; behind-the-neck; clip-on; neckband; Walkman-style or portable headphones.
A lot of times these style headphones are ear buds that are designed to stay out of the way. A lot of times they go behind the neck or have a headband that stretches around the head. Some models have clips that secure to the ear itself with small speakers sitting over the entire ear.

These headphones are almost always of an open backed design so as not to block out all the ambient noise, which will hopefully lead to less danger of being hit by a car while jogging.

Positives – Designs with behind the neck straps don’t get tangles in hair, earrings etc. they usually stay put while running for a bus or jogging for fitness.

Negatives – They’re not usually as high fidelity as the other type of headphones, they are also sometimes more flimsy than other type of headphones.

Semi-open headphones – These headphones are not like full-size headphones where they usually sit on the out ears and don’t fully cup the ears.

Positives – Comfortable, less overheating of the ears than full-sized ‘phones; some fold for easy transport.

CONS – Do not have the isolation and lots of times less bass than full sized headphones.

Closed Back Headphones (AKA Full-Sized) – Headphones which fit more fully around the ears and cup the ears more, these isolate and protect sound more.

Positives – they sometimes block out noise a lot better than other kinds of headphones and usually have better bass and loudness.

Disadvantages – They are more bulkier and don’t travel around as nice, they can also make your ears sweat more and might be more uncomfortable after awhile.

This guide outlined the most popular type of headphones for you, and gave you a little idea of some things to consider when buying new headphones.

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