A Cairns New Years Party

Party Tours have sprung up in all the popular tourist destinations lately. And so they should. They make a great night out a sure thing. Both pub crawls operate two nights a week. I’m sure they operate in similar ways in other places such as Byron Bay and Perth, but I only know the Cairns one so I’ll tell you about that one.

There’s prizes and party games and of the utmost importance, the operators endeavour to keep the split of sexes the same. Many people have found love on a party tour. It may only last until the vacations over, but as long as everybody has fun it’s all fun and games isn’t it?

Entertaining for both backpackers and locals, these tours also attract Hens parties, sporting teams and army and navy groups.

Basically your party tour runs this way; Everyone meets at the first pub at a set time, this is where travel vouchers and money is collected and the all important bracelet is handed out. This bracelet is what gets you entry to the nights pubs & clubs as all cover charges are included in your tour price, both on the tour and for the rest of the night. This usually saves you money on entry charges alone, without including all the other extras. You get VIP treatment at all the top nightclubs, pubs and bars. There are also prizes including dive courses and rafting trips. Fun and games are the order of the evening, with the organisers knowing how to get the party started.

Pub Crawls also run on special occaisions like Cairns New Years Eve. They’re the best to beat the crowds and prevent having to pay entry to the Clubs. You are guided between each nightspot by bus and if you are lucky it may even be in an open topped london style bus. We have 2 popular Party Tours in Cairns,who are doing specdial New Years Eve Parties, Ultimate Party New Years Cairns and Fitzroy Island New Years Beach Party.

So if you’re new in town, or lonely, or just after a definate great night out what about an organised party tour, you won’t be disappointed.

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